Princess of Fresh Grace Wellness


Yoni v-steam practitioner * Womb practitioner 1-Act colon hydrotherapist * Licensed chaplain



Yoni vsteam by Fresh Grace Wellness

Vsteam is an age old naturopathic practice with so many positive benefits for women.

Vsteam sessions have connected  women to their body's and even spiritual selves

 in ways that cannot truly be explained.  Those experiences combined with the 

numerous positive results from natural treatments, make Vsteam practices so 

useful  to our well-being. 

"I find true, personal joy in sharing the education  of vaginal and womb health. I want

women to get the most out of their Yoni Steam experience and I want them to know I

am here for them during and after their session."        Princess  G

Contact Princess of Fresh Grace Wellness

Princess G:  (440) 638-9324

* Certified Yoni Practitioner

* 1- Act colon hydrotherapist

* Womb Practitioner

* Licensed Chaplain

(440) 638-9324

* Discounts, on others services, w/Vsteam purchases