Personal training for rehabilitation and performance

Monroe J

Functional Strength * Balance  Movement * Stretch therapy  Rehabilitation

People need to know that so many chronic pains and conditions can be improved with combinations of s

Being better is the goal. Whether pain relief or improved function. The training plan used is based  on the need of the individual.  

strength * Back & other joint pain * functional movement *


Functional strength

For movement and strength training, Training is determined by the need of the individual. but the overall goal is to be better.   Many conditions can be improved by some combination of strength training, movement and range movement. We just have to be diligent.


Balance & coordination

Musculoskeletal  problems  can affect the quality of your life. Pain can lead to a vicious cycle that can undermine your happiness and your health.  You can develop a strategy for change.



Assisted stretched therapy allows for detailed attention to muscles and/or joints. Assisted stretching is highly beneificial. We can stretch ourselfves but we cannot apply pressures to ourselves.



Results of assisted stretch therapy can be tremendous. Muscles and joints are gently stretched and loosened. Controlled resistance can be applied to build functional strength in all major joints and even muscles.