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 Massage, Manual and Movement therapies are true healing therapies, that have been proven to aid in relaxation and stress management as well as rehabilitation from dibilitating pain.

Sports massage

Sports massage is ideal for those who want to maintain their active lifestyle. Techniques are designed to balance the body with mobility and functional ability

Chair Massage

Great for the neck, shoulders, back and arms. Chair massage  is a very convenient way to relieve stress and ease upper body soreness

Massage therapy in Warrensville heights

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Relaxation focused massage

Designed with softer and more gentle strokes and techniques that create a sense of calm within an individual.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage can relieve soreness and stifness as well as provide relaxation. The service is ideal to manage muscleand joint  soreness as well promote relaxation throughout the body.

Medical Massage

Medical massage can address areas that were identified by a medical professional.

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-Massage therapy in Warrensville Heights

Saw Monroe for an appointment. It was highly effective. I've always gone to a spa or chain type of  massage establishment to help with my low back pain. Huge difference in quality. I felt better by the end of the night.

Katie G 

Nikki is highly intuitive. shes very nice and calming. She used great pressures with really good skill. I felt much better. It was a great session

 Betty D

I needed and in-home appointment for my elderly dad who deals with muscle soreness. I read some good bbb reviews and decided to call.  On a Sunday, Shawnee, saw my dad. He said, "she was wonderful Her hands were magic and he will highly recommend her.  I'm very grateful. Thank you.

  Teresa H

I chronically suffer from hip and low back soreness that stem from a vehicle accident. Monroe did some wonderful techniques that had me feeling better by the time I left the office. Man did that feel good.     Monica H

I know Stephanie from her years in school. The lady is good. She knows her stuff and I recommend her.   Marcy

Man, Monroe hooked me up. My job is a little tough on my upper body.  We did some combinations while sitting in a chair that loosened everything, like crazy. He used deep presure that had me gritting down a little bit but I felt better by the time I made it to the car. ---  Pedro

This is Matt. Saw Monroe this morning for stress focused therapy. It did the trick. I feel much better. 

Stress headaches  are my main issues. I had 35 min to spare. Monroe suggested a chair massage and focused on my neck, shoulders and skull. Wow, is that effective. 25 min out the door.        Bradly

Had a 90 min appt with Monica. Shes so customer friendly and so good with hospitality. Very attentive. Everything was so relaxing and thats what i needed.                                           Ken