Great massage services in Warrensvile hts

Massage and other hands on therapies  are some of the oldest known ways for, provably, healing mental or physical conditions.  Those that understand benefits of hands on therapy, incorporate therapies into their daily lives. 

We have independent practitioners and therapists and all understand the many benefits massage can offer. We work hard to be a good source for mental and physical healing.

$79/60 min-$110/90 min. Ask about membership discounts.

Relaxation Massage

May use swedish massage or other techniques to induce high levels of relaxation while also helping wiht minor soreness, range of motion and induce feeling of calm.

Deep Tissue massage

Deeper pressure is beneficial in addressing soreness in deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia

Sports Massage

Designed to hep someone prevent injuries and prepare the body for more rigorous activities as well as help recover from injuries, soreness or restricted muscles or joints. 

Chair massage

Performed fully clothed. Fantastic for addressing areas of the head, neck, shoulders and back. May also address headache and stress symptoms.

30 minute economy massage--$40

-A special 30 minute session taylored for neck, back, shoulders and feet.

Therapy staff


Licensed Cosmetologist 


Certified Massage practitioner


Certified massage practitioner:


Certified massage practitioner

Swedish Massage * Light touch therapy


Certified functional movement specialist 

Certified Stretch therapy

Certified massage practitioner


Licensed Massage Therapist


Certified massage practitioner





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