Wellness programs w/S.E. Wellness & True Core Concepts-Also offered at Rain Nailspa, Shaker Square

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Massage and manual therapy


RATES: $39/30min -- $69/60min -- $99/90min Add $10 for deep tissue and CBD oil


Therapy sessions may be composed of individual therapies or may combine techniques like: * Trigger point & stretch therapy (for pain management )* Swedish massage and stretch therapy(Relaxation) * Chair massage and foot treatment.  Just let us know your needs or feelings.

Pain management * Stress * Tension -- W/Monroe

Uses       DEEP TISSUE * TRIGGER POINT  * HOT STONES * CBD OIL         to address soreness in deeper layers of muscle tissue,

Mobility & looseness--- W/Monroe

Uses      SPORTS MASSAGE AND/OR STRETCH THERAPY     to help someone prevent injuries and prepare the body for activities as well as help recover from injuries, soreness or restricted muscles or joints.  Also, aid for athletic/chronic injuries.  Can also reduce or eliminate chronic pain and stiffness by releasing muscle and/or joint tensions. The goals are to restore or maintain the body in a fluid or balanced state.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage-- W/Monroe

An effective approach for decreasing  accumulated fluid and tissue damage that can occur after lymph nodes are removed during surgery. Lymphatic drainage Its also known to  boost the immune system and speed up your body’s own natural detoxification process. Its also effective for stress management by placing you in a  calmer state by sedating the stress response in the body.


Chair massage

Performed fully clothed. Fantastic for addressing areas of mobility, pain and or range of motion in the head, neck, shoulders and back. May also address headache and stress symptoms. Its generally performed for 15 or 30 increments.

15 min  $15

Relax & Calm

  Techniques like    

  SWEDISH MASSAGE * LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE * MEDIUM TO LIGHT TOUCH * GENTLE JOINT MOVEMENT   and other techniques that are meant to promote high relaxation and calm and decrease symptoms of stress and anxieties





 Sports massage * Lymphatic drainage

Stretch therapy * Foot therapy

Chair massage * Heat & cold therapy 

Functional movement 

Physical rehabilitation


Swedish massage 

 Light touch therapy


Swedish relaxation * Aromatherapy * 

Cacoon therapy  * Meditation 

Chair massage


              Swedish massage


Deep tissue massage * Body stretching

Swedish relaxation * Hot Stones


True Core Concepts W/Danielle


Swedish Prada

Customizing relaxation therapy utilizing hot towels to relieve muscle tension, fascia stretches, a focus on Swedish massage and body wellness

1 hour   $60

Half Pint

Half hour therapy session focusing on muscle relaxation, stretches and recovery.  Back , neck or shoulders.

30 minutes $35

Meditate the Hour

Light touch and movement with assisted meditation guidance.

1 hour $45

Chair Massage with Aromatheraphy

Relax or Rejuvenate. Choices of lavender, jasmine or orange diffusion with 30 minute Chair Massage

30 minutes $15


tarting with a facial mud scrub and body wrap, half hour guided meditation, followed by a standard Swedish relaxation massage using raindrop essential oil and aromatherapy, this full package is exactly what you need after a long week of life

3 hours   $200

Cacoon Therapy

Type of assisted meditation. Your body is completely wrapped. You are placed in fetal position and rocked with light touch. Imagine a caterpillar turning into a butterfly

1 hour  $60

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