Individual training --Free initial consultation

Monroe Jackson: Former competitive: Track and field* Football * Fighting arts         SOME CERTIFICATIONS:     Personal training 

 Speed & power * Strength training * Functional movement * General nutrition * Rehabilitative fitness * Close quarter  confrontation


Personal training programs

The goal of personal training is to improve in areas important to an individual. Personal training may focus on areas like;  Balanced strength Weight loss * Increased range of motion * Improved balance * Better overall health .  Programs can be for long or short-term needs.

Self defense concepts

Self-defense concepts can be for a general confidence  and skills or something more serious like a life changing event one may have trouble coping with.  TRAINING will cover  concepts of self-protection and confrontation.  Boxing, Kickboxing, and close quarter fighting skills will be covered.  Increased, internal and external Strength,  confidence and skills will be increased.

Balance training

Balance, unless a particular deficiency or  condition, can be affected by things that are repairable with a steady program for functional flexibility,  strengthening and focus.

General nutrition

This covers the basics of eating for good, general health. Digestive health is also a focus. It is a fact that many people have cleared conditions like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure, by changing their nutritional lifestyle. Please note: One should seek medical help for serious or life threatening conditions.