Cardio fitness


Level Up Fitness with Jessica

Monday and Wednesday: 6:30p-7:30p

Jessica incorporates cardio and strength movements  to give a total body workout.


Women's Self-Defense concepts

Tues     6:30pm-8:00

Skills like boxing, kickboxing, Philippine arts that help develop tools for physical confrontation.


Beginning Yoga w/Asia

Thursdays: 6:30p-7:30p

Covering the basics of movement and form. Great for balance, flexibility, some chronic conditions and just getting up and getting  it moving 


Cardio and meditation w/Princess

 Mon & Thursday: 9a-10a & noon-1p

   Large Group * individuals * small groups

Sessions combine cardio exercise and calming meditation to create a great feeling of cardio strength and spiritual calming.


Trx and anchored Band training w/Monroe

Wednesday  5:30-6:30

Uses Various bands and TRX straps:  Uses a fixed anchor wall to provide almost unlimited ranges of movement, that are effective for strength building, rehabilitation, body balance and increasing ranges of motion. Can be used for a single class workout or longer term training or rehabilitation