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Weight loss * Strength * Increase energy

Flexibility * Coordination * High blood pressure * High sugar levels * Stress

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Social and fun environment * Training  plans effective for anyone *  Gain confidence through controlled training * Gives accountability * Teaches proper form of movements

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Contact Tiarra directly: 216) 612-2049

This is Tiarra. I've  had my own battles with Fibromyalgia,  personal self-esteem and other things. Im here to promote strength and self-improvement for ladies everywhere.   

BFF (6 days a week)  are womens only fitness classes, designed for all fitness levels.  

  Becoming Fight Fit incorporates training methods stemming from the conditioning of Boxing, Kickboxing, and athletic functionality.

  We take your fitness goals seriously and understand the challenges of  changing your body and improving  overall health and well-being.

Rev it up MRT ( Mon & Wed): 5:30pm

Rev it up MRT will ignite your metabolism with interval training.  MRT combines various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and muscular training. 

We fight the urge to sit. we fight the urge to quit. We fight through the pain.  We fight through the fatigue. We fight to win.

Kickbox Inferno (Tues & Thurs )- 6:30pm / Fri-9am

Womens cardio in Warrensville Heights

* Kickbox inferno, group fitness   Tues and Thurs--6:30

Its highly effective blast for total strength, weight loss, energy, stamina,and others things so beneficial to women. 


The cardio spikes in Kickbox Inferno will give results and challenge you in the best ways.

studio 1


Morning PiYo for everyone

  Mon-Wed-Fri:    9am

PiYo combines movements from Yoga and PIlates to give hardcore definition intense calorie burn and allover strength--without weights, without jumps and without other things that may damage your body. 

studio 2


We always want to improve. Feedback about the classes, services, and results, help us improve and helps others know what to expect

Tiara's a beast. She was kicking us good and had to tone the workout down. The next day was rough but it was goood.         big bad betsy

" I did the core de force class with Tiarra for the first time. She was very patient and did a good job of motivating me as she encouraged me to try. I would definitely do the class again to build my strength and endurance . "   Tonya D

" I've done the Core de Force and Tone & tighten class with Tiara. She kicks my butt a little but not too much. Ive brought in a couple of friends and definitely encourage people to try it. I always feel her class when Im linedancing in S.E. Wellness, the next day"  

    Sincerely sore,   Nancy J

" That Tone & Tighten had me really feeling it the next day. Its what I needed. Its a good studio, with a good intructor, at a good price. Lets do this people!"  Stephanie D

*I tried the Yoga fusion class. It was good and very strong. Tiara's energy was amazing and addictive. I really felt it.     Asia D

Tee is so good. She is very patient, which many instructors are not. Shes very patient with corrections and doen't give negative feedback if my movements are what they should be. She's wonderful.          Carolyn

Tiara is crazy passionate and good. Her classes are effective. Everyone needs to see her.  I've lost 5 lbs already, just from eating better and training. The facility is good. The rates are good and  I support Tiara.        Sherry A




Some general questions

-How much can I expect to lose within a month? 

 -Will losing weight help with my type 2 diabetes?

- Can additional strength training help with my back pains?

Becoming Fight fit Group Classes