The best deep cleansing facials in Warrensville hts

Hello everyone. I am Monica Galletti. "The familiar face"  Days (1pm-6pm)

30 yrs experience as a  licensed Cosmetologist. 

Trained at the International Dermal Institute directly under Jane Wurwand, the founder. I absolutely love this field and look forward to reaching out to everyone possible. 

Deep cleansing and customized facials:

-Tone and moisturize skin

-improve overall appearance of the skin 

-Physical kneading of the skin improves overall circulation to the facial area

      Many more benefits

Services will be coming very soon. Introductory rates and other things will also be known soon. Feel free to contact the office any time.  Thank you



Mens Manicures

Manicures by Monica

Specializing in mens manicures for over 30 years. 

Clip , file, buff or clear polish with a phenomenal hand and arm massage


Relaxation Massage by Monica $60 introductory rate -Wkdays(1pm-6pm)

Massage for relaxation and stress relief is also available. The focus is on relaxing  unwinding, and allowing all of the stressors to dissipate from your well being.  Absolute relaxation should be the outcome.