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Promoting services with sincere positive life effects

Women's only fitness classes


-Kickbox Inferno(Evenings)- for cardio, functional movement and overall conditioning.

-Rev it up MRT (evenings)- for strength and injury resistance.

-PiYo (Mornings)-for movement, functional strength and balance

Massage Therapy

Massage and other manual therapies can positively affect mental health, physical performance and can alleviate or aid with pain  management. We want to help promote the understanding that massage and manual therapies are not just luxuries but can have profound positive effects to a persons well-being, in areas like: Stress relief, better posture, improved circulation, headache relief, improved flexibility and range of motion and more.


FOOT SCRUB: Create beautiful and healthy  feet as well as heal the feet from soreness and lack of range or motion. Expect relief for the entire body.

FOOT REFLEXOLOGY:  Linked with  benefits for the mind, internal function, circulatory function, energy functions, and many more areas. 

Self-Defense: Individual or small group

Self-Defense will effectively cover the basics of self protection and confrontation. Type of training is based on the individual and can be fitness focused, real world scenario focused or both. Training can be for fun or as intense as you need it to be.

Personal Training

Free consultation

Weight loss* Strengthening * Toning * Flexibility/Range of motion* more

Making the body better and balanced are the main goals of individual training. Improvement in some area is almost always a goal. Functioning equally, at whatever level one needs, is another strong goal.  Short or long term plans will address the details needed to reach the goals.You bring your goal and we by whatever reasonable means necessary, will try to attain that goal.

Deep cleansing facials

A cleansing facial the skin is analyzed and steps are taken to cleanse & soften, the skin, open the pores, and lift the debris off the surface and out of the pores. A deep cleansing facial leave the skin clean exfoliated, smooth, brighter even-textured,glowing and refreshed. 

You can also get direct education on skin health and oher areas.

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 Paint party with Vanessafaithart 

May 12, 2018.  6pm-10pm

 Feel free to inquiry bout this event or hosting an event.

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